Gaia GPS


1.) Download the "GAIA GPS" app - Available on iOS & Google Play

2.) On the map screen, click the "Map Sources" button in the top right corner

3.) Select "Map Overlay" and turn on "Public Tracks"

4.) Go back to the map screen, and MAO's trails will be visible. Enjoy exploring!


We have over 1,600 acres of accessible trails during events - they are primarily wooded, with some dozed roads. They are most easily accessed & enjoyed by SXS/UTVs, but we welcome all off-road vehicles to the park and all can enjoy the trails.

There are varying levels of difficulty - dozed roads easily passable by any off-road vehicle, and many wooded areas to explore with hills to climb and more difficult trails.

You are free to ride anywhere designated on the trail map - please do not open any gates that are closed or cross any fences.

Riding on county roads, city roads, or State Highway 127 that runs North/South of the park entrance is NOT allowed. Park visitors must stay within the property boundaries of the park.

Highway traffic does not stop; please use caution. Do not drive on the highway - you could get ticketed.

We recommend following Oklahoma state guidelines and vehicle-specific recommendations regarding safety equipment for off-road riding.