MidAmerica Outdoors is a privately owned and operated off-road park, and as such is only open for designated events. Event announcements, reservations and ticket information, and other news is distributed via our email subscription list and our social media pages. Contact us via phone, call/text 918-837-0079, or email office@midamericaoutdoors.com for inquiries or if you have questions after reading the below FAQ section.

Do you have a trail map?

The trail map is available in the Gaia GPS app - available on the iOS app store and Google Play. Create a free account with your email address, then on the map screen, click the "map sources" button in the top right corner. Select "map overlay" and turn on "public tracks" - go back to your map screen and the trails will be visible.

What are the trails like?

We have over 1,600 acres of accessible trails during events - they are primarily wooded, with some dozed roads. They are most easily accessed & enjoyed by SXS/UTVs, but we welcome all off-road vehicles to the park and all can enjoy the trails.

There are varying levels of difficulty - dozed roads easily passable by any off-road vehicle, and many wooded areas to explore with hills to climb and more difficult trails.

You are free to ride anywhere designated on the trail map - please do not open any gates that are closed or cross any fences.

Riding on county roads, city roads, or State Highway 127 that runs North/South of the park entrance is NOT allowed. Park visitors must stay within the property boundaries of the park.

Highway traffic does not stop; please use caution. Do not drive on the highway - you could get ticketed.

We recommend following Oklahoma state guidelines and vehicle-specific recommendations regarding safety equipment for off-road riding.

Can I come ride anytime?

MidAmerica Outdoors is only open for riding during designated event dates. The property is multi-use and operates in other capacities outside of public off-road events.

Cabins & campsites are sold out - where can I stay?

We have a large dry/primitive camping space and can accommodate RVs with generators or tents. There are nearby hotels within 30 minutes of the park - see the recommended list at the bottom of the Park Overview page. Event attendees may come and go from the park as long as wristbands are shown at the gate upon re-entry.

How do I register to race? What are the classes & guidelines?

MidAmerica Outdoors plays host to several different racing series throughout the year, including our own MAO Racing SXS Championship Series - if you are interested in racing or have questions about equipment or safety guidelines/specs, please contact the respective race promoter directly. MAO Racing details, schedule, rules & registration links are all found on the MAO Racing page of our website.

What services are on site during events?

During event weekends, we will have a vendor area and a food court set up, in addition to existing park amenities. We recommend following state laws regarding beverage consumption.

EMT services and a security staff will be on hand for each racing event. They will be based out of the Security & First Aid shack located at the top of the A & B rows of RV sites. In case of an emergency or accident, please dial 911 first, then notify a staff member.

How do I come to an event as a vendor or sponsor?

All vendors must be registered with the office prior to each event. Email office@midamericaoutdoors.com or submit our contact form for more information. Electricity and water may be available, and vendors will have assigned spaces based on each event's schedule and needs.

MidAmerica Outdoors welcomes sponsors for various parts of the park and/or park activities. Contact office@midamericaoutdoors.com for more information.


Every event participant must purchase a pass and sign a waiver to attend. Save time by signing online in advance here.

Safety is of the utmost importance - ALL off-road vehicles must follow safety rules at all times.

Maintain the 5mph speed limit in the campground & main part of the park; this rule is for everyone's safety. Absolutely no hot laps or donuts in any asphalt or gravel area - free riding is allowed on all trails.

Riders under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a guardian at all times. Children under 12 should be monitored while in the Kid Zone areas.

Pets are allowed in the park on leashes. They are NOT allowed in any cabins or park facility buildings.

NO SMOKING is allowed in any cabins or park facility buildings.

This is a multi-purpose facility; please be respectful of the grounds. Use the trash cans - pack in, pack out.

MAO is a family-friendly facility; please consider your conduct and language as many of our patrons are young.

We have a zero tolerance policy for theft, vandalism, or any violent or disrespectful behavior. Any such actions are grounds for dismissal and banned re-entry.