2023 Memberships will be available to purchase here starting Monday, January 16th at 1pm CST! 
**Memberships are not required to attend events at MAO, but a way to save if you plan to attend most or all of the included events this year.** The cost is the total if you were to buy advance passes to all events, minus 25%! Same for the RV sites & cabins - it's a way to pre-purchase one and have it held for you each event at a discount. 
RV sites & cabin memberships will only be available through Friday, January 27th.
Per person memberships will be available for purchase up until our first event in March.
Events included in 2023 memberships:
BMR March 9th-12th: (event at Disney/Langley, lodging available at MAO)
March 16th-19th: St. Patrick's Day Spring Breakout (MAO Racing Rd1)
May 25th-29th: Memorial Weekend Mayhem (MAO Racing Rd3)
June 14th-18th: Visions Off-Road (MAO Racing Rd4)
July 20th-23rd: MAO Racing Rd5
September 22nd-24th: MAO Racing Rd6 with Champ Off-Road
October 19th-22nd: Finals Event (MAO Racing + NRRA)