2023 Lifted Truck Nationals: Tickets

Thursday, September 7th 
Park open to vendors only
Vendor Set Up 10am-8pm

Friday, September 8th
8am-5pm Registration 
8am-12pm Vendor Set up
10am-5-m Judging Hours
12pm-5pm (minimum) Vendor Hours
12pm-8pm Spectator Hours
7pm-10pm Beemer’s Pool Party
8pm Belly Flop Contest

Saturday, September 9th
8am-5pm Registration Hours
9am-5pm (minimum) Vendor Hours
9am-8pm Judging Hours
9am-8pm Spectator Hours
2pm MAXXED Barbie Jeep Downhill
7pm-10pm LTN Cruise Night in Jay
8pm Burn Out Contest

Sunday, September 10th
9am-2pm (minimum)
9am-12pm Registration Hours
9am-3pm Spectator Hours
2pm Awards Presentation
Product Raffle During Awards
4pm Ticket Booth Closes

Please read the descriptions in each ticket carefully - there are two types of show truck options (VIP and general). See map below for reference on the general show vs VIP truck parking areas. All vehicles attending this event will need a pass, so start there (not per person). Additional guests not covered under a vehicle pass can purchase spectator passes. The schedule and more details will be announced soon!