MidAmerica Outdoors is a privately owned and operated off-road park, and as such is only open for designated events. Event announcements, reservations and ticket information, and other news is distributed via our email subscription list and our social media pages. Contact us via the link in the main menu, call/text 918-837-0079, or email office@midamericaoutdoors.com for inquiries or if you have questions after reading the below FAQ section.

Frequently asked questions

What are the trails and riding like?

  • We have over 750 acres of accessible trails - they are primarily wooded, with some dozed roads.
  • There are varying levels of difficulty - dozed roads easily passable by any off-road vehicle, and many wooded areas to explore with hills to climb and more difficult trails.
  • You can find the trail map here.
  • The map is available in the Gaia GPS app - available on the app store and Google Play. Create a free account with your email address, then send an email to office@midamericaoutdoors.com requesting access to our map folder. We'll share and you will receive a request within your app - once you accept, the trails will appear on your map.
  • Riding on county roads, city roads, or State Highway 127 that runs North/South of the park entrance is NOT allowed. Park visitors must stay within the property boundaries of the park.

Park & Trail Rules

  • Every event participant must pay the gate fee and sign a waiver. Save time by signing yours online here.
  • All sales are final - no refunds.
  • Event attendees must pay the ORV/UTV fee for each off-road vehicle brought to an event. Trucks and trailers must park in the overflow parking area during larger events.

  • Safety is of the utmost importance - ALL off-road vehicles must follow all safety rules at all times.
  • Maintain the 5mph speed limit in the campground & main part of the park; this rule is for everyone's safety. Absolutely no hot laps or donuts on any gravel area - free riding is allowed on all trails. The trail map can be accessed via the Gaia GPS app, or online here.
  • Riders under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a guardian at all times. Children under 12 should be monitored while in the Kid Zone and bounce house area.
  • Pets are allowed in the park on leashes. They are NOT allowed in any cabins or park facility buildings.
  • NO SMOKING is allowed in any cabins or park facility buildings.
  • This is a multi-purpose facility; please be respectful of the grounds. Use the trash cans. Pack in - pack out.
  • MidAmerica Outdoors is a family friendly facility, please consider your conduct and language as many of our patrons are young.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for theft, vandalism, or any violent or disrespectful behavior. Any such actions are grounds for dismissal and banned re-entry.
  • You are free to ride anywhere designated on the trail map - please do not open gates that are closed or cross any fences.
  • Highway traffic does not stop; please use caution. Do not drive on the highway - you could get ticketed.
  • We recommend following Oklahoma state guidelines & vehicle-specific recommendations requiring safety equipment for off-road riding.

Can I come ride any time?

MidAmerica Outdoors is only open during designated events. There is an adjacent event center that operates on the property when the park isn't open.

How do I get tickets and reserve cabins or camping?

Check the "Events" tab - there will be links to reserve camping and purchase tickets for each event. Advance ticket sales online will end 7 days before each event; then passes will only be available at the gate.

Campsites are sold out - where can I stay?

We have a large dry/primitive camping space and can accommodate RVs with generators or tents. There are nearby hotels in Jay and Grove for additional options. Event attendees may come and go from the park as long as wristbands are shown at the gate upon re-entry.

Why is pricing different for every event?

We provide various on-site activities and racing experiences for each event. Pricing is guided by the cost to bring in various types of races, entertainment, staff the park, and keep amenities at the premium level that we prioritize as a park. All land and facilities are privately owned and operated.

How do I get registered to race? What are the classes and guidelines?

How do I come to an event as a vendor or sponsor?

All vendors must be registered with the office prior to an event. Email office@midamericaoutdoors.com for more information. Electricity and water may be available, and vendors will have assigned spaces based on each event's schedule and needs.

MidAmerica Outdoors welcomes sponsors for various parts of the park and/or park activities. Contact us at 918-837-0079 for more information.

What services are on site during an event?

During race weekends (not open ride weekends), we will have a vendor area and a food truck area, in addition to our standard park amenities. This is an all-inclusive park - soda and other concessions are sold in order to keep the park competitive with vendors on site during events. We recommend following state laws regarding beverage consumption. In addition, EMT services and a Security staff will be on hand for each racing event. They will be based out of an office next to the main ticket booth at the park entrance. In case of an emergency or accident, please dial 911 and then notify a staff member.

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